Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Secret Santa Sewing

I was quite productive yesterday, but I can't show you a bit of it! Later today, the Frienzies will gather at Hettie's for our regular monthly get-together. We will exchange Christmas gifts and have a carry-in dinner. This group of friends are so dear to me; I am so excited to see them!

Now, back to the secret sewing. I was a regular assembly line! I had 7 items to make, so I started out with step one and moved right along at a very steady pace. I spent most of the time machine quilting! I am so new at this, as I've alluded to in a few recent posts. I feel myself becoming more confident with each project, so I was glad for the opportunity to get in a good afternoon of practicing!

Do you see anything besides trees, branches and blue sky in this picture? Look closely at the very center of the photo, and you will see a hawk sitting on a branch of the center tree. We live in very rural Ross County, Ohio, and regularly see hawks, but I've never seen one visit our backyard. These trees are just beyond our yard, about 20-25 yards from the house. I was standing in our bay window to take this picture. He stayed for a good 5 minutes; it was quite cool having him visit.

At the exact same time I was watching the hawk, this visitor was making a pig of himself in the bird feeder located just outside the bay window. We have a lovely variety of birds at this feeder. We feed our squirrels very well, too.

I wonder if the hawk was waiting on the squirrel to scamper across the grass to the trees? Do hawks eat squirrels?

Tomorrow I will show you my Santa sewing.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. Looking forward to seeing what you have been up to. I'd be out there rooting for the hawk if that pig was in my bird feeder. I once tried hanging mine from the clothesline to keep them out but they shimmied over the line like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible.


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