Sunday, December 16, 2012

Birthday Girl

I hope you will permit me a non-sewing, non-quilting post today. While I have been getting some things done, they are mostly Christmas gift items that have to be kept secret. And besides, I have a really big non-sewing and quilting event to share!

We celebrated Grandma's 96th birthday yesterday. What fun. All 5 of her children were in attendance - a rarity, since one lives out of state - and many grandchildren, great-grandchildren and a couple of great-great grandchildren joined in, as well.

Grandma has quite a lengthy family tree, as you can well imagine. Yours truly is the oldest of 15 grandchildren. I'm doing a bit of quick math here, but I believe there are 28 great-grandchildren (including 2 step-grands). The great-great-grandchildren get a bit fuzzy, but I think I am correct when I say there are 8.

The birthday girl was having a wonderful time. Generally speaking, she doesn't like big crowds, as she can't hear conversations. I really don't think she was bothered too much, though, because she was just so thrilled to have all 5 of her children with her to mark the special occasion. When my family left, they were sitting down to have a supper of oyster soup and chicken livers. Strange, but they were looking forward to it.

Grandma is extraordinary. At 96, she still lives by herself in her own home. She can be cantankerous at times, and a bit set in her ways. I like to think about all the history she has witnessed. She and Grandpa (who died in 1997) were having their children during the depression. They had siblings and contemporaries fight in WWII. Things like computers were unheard of for most of her life! I've shown her this blog - the page with her quilts, most notably - and she just shakes her head. Computers and the internet confound her.

Back tomorrow with something quilt-related!
Happy quilting, Friends!



  1. Great post Jayne. What a special day for your Grandma and your family. It really is amazing to think of how the world has changed in her lifetime!

  2. How wonderful to be able to celebrate such a special day with so much of her family. Of course we will overlook the non-quilty content, It was too special an event to keep quiet about.

  3. Happy birthday to your Grandma. I'm sure she had a wonderful day with so many of her family there.


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