Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Parade Addition

Are you tired of hearing about the Lone Star Parade? Well, it was the main - only - focus for the week before last, then I sort of just took a week off (I will get to why a bit later). But I did get another late entry to the parade and I wanted to be sure to share it.

Another Frienzy - Pam - sent me pictures of a quilt that her mother-in-law gave to her. Pam says that her MIL was an avid quilter and this quilt was made either by her or her sister. Here is how Pam describes it: "the quilt is a square; the center is appliqued. It has been hand quilted. The quilting outlines each of the stars and the center star has several circles that get larger and larger until they come to the star border. The batting is very thin."

This is a closeup of the flower appliqued in the center. I have to wonder if this was done because the center diamonds were coming together badly and wouldn't lay flat. I wonder this because I had this problem with mine, and I have to believe this is a common dilemma. Anyway, I don't believe I have seen a Lone Star with an appliqued center, and this just makes me wonder.

This closeup very faintly gives us a glimpse of the quilting. Pam says the batting is thin; this makes me wonder if perhaps her MIL used a flannel sheet as a batting. Maybe back in those days, battings were ultra-thin, but I have to think that this was Depression-era, and the maker would have been using what she had at her disposal. Oh, well, the history we will never know (and wish we would!).

Thanks, Pam, for sending the pics and for sharing your quilt with us! Sorry I took so long to get it posted.

Now, I pronounce that this Parade is officially concluded, and we need a winner of the FPP - fabulous prize package.

Kay, our first entrant, will be receiving a lovely stack of hand-pieced 9-patch blocks and a 4-piece fat quarter pack. Thanks to all who participated. Thanks also to Sue, whose desire to tackle a Lone Star quilt over a year ago, led to our Quilt Along, and a very nice friendship, too! *waving to Sue!*

 I suppose you really don't want to hear me complain any more about the sciatic nerve pain, so instead, I will share that I have finally gotten some relief! Oh my goodness, this makes all the difference in the world! On Monday, I had a lumbar epidural into the right side of my 5th lumbar. What a strange sensation that was. But it was not painful; honestly, after enduring the sciatic pain for 2 and a half months, I believe I can endure most anything at this point. The shot has definitely helped--I would guess that my pain has been alleviated by at least 50%. AHHH, RELIEF!!

So that was one thing that preoccupied me this week. A second, and far more worthy, thing that deflected my time away from the blog is that I am teaching a composition course at the branch again this semester. I hadn't thought that I would get a call, but at the last minute enrollment must have surged, and I was asked to teach one section of freshman comp. I could choose my own days and time, too! How nice is that? I asked for Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8am. I figure I can get up early twice a week, be in Chillicothe by 7:30, teach this course, and be back home by 10 with practically a full day still ahead of me to get things accomplished. I've had 2 class meetings so far, and I really think I am going to like this arrangement. But prepping for class does eat up some time, especially at the beginning when you have to get that syllabus created. That sort of stuff takes me forever.

Other "excuses" include 2 days of sewing! Yeah! On Wednesday, Sharon came over and we sewed in my new sewing room (and that is yet another reason I have not blogged all week!). I don't have all the stuff put away or arranged the way I want, but it's getting there. I have pictures and will post soon about both the move and my day with Sharon.

Then on Thursday (after class) I went to Terry's for a day of sewing there with the Frankfort girls. What a lovely day. I was able to pull out that red, white and black star quilt I was working on in early December, and get those stars finished. Pictures will be coming soon. And, I put together a quilt back for a quilt I am giving to Mom, and left that with Terry to quilt for me. The other gals all had pretty quilts coming together, and again, I have pictures to share in an upcoming blog.

Finally, the computer that I generally blog on - my laptop - has been monopolized lately by DS, who has just finished his first novel and has made it available on Amazon! It's called The Cave and the Code. You'd be doing me a huge favor if you 'd download it - it's only $1.99 - onto your Kindle or get an actual hard copy. I'm darn proud of my boy; he's worked so hard on it. He is already started on #2 - this is going to be a trilogy, he says. Anyway, I couldn't see kicking him off my laptop when he was so close to finishing and publishing his book.  (except to type my syllabus!)

There was one more reason I didn't get any blogging done: Tuesday was my birthday, and I've had celebrations all week. On Tuesday, DH took me out to dinner; on Thursday, the card club girls took me out to dinner, and last night I met with about 12 members of my family for dinner in Hillsboro. My sister's birthday was Thursday, so this was a dual celebration. With margaritas. And sombreros. And 5-year-old twin nieces. We had fun!

I've just created a "To Do" list:
1. pictures of the new sewing room;
2. pictures of sewing with Sharon;
3. pictures of sewing at Terry's;
4. pictures of red, white and black quilt progress.
 Plus, the month is nearly over and I have yet to post my goals for 2013. Geesh. I hope this isn't an indication of how my new year is going to be!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Belated Birthday wishes. What a full week of activity. And great news on the sciatic pain.

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  3. I love the binding on that Lone Star quilt, it's something to think about when I finally get to that stage.

    What good news that you have finally got some relief from that awful sciatic pain, and belated happy birthday wishes to you.


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