Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Birthday Goodies

A few of you know that I have a January birthday. Celebrations with various groups have been going on for awhile now. Any opportunity to get out to a restaurant and visit with dear friends, you know?

Well, even though we are weeks past the actual birthday, on Saturday the Frienzies met at Olive Garden for our January get-together. It was great fun, but only half of us could attend. :-(
I think you quilters will be interested in the great gifts the dear Frienzies gave me for my b-day.

A portable little iron to take when quilting away from home. I've used one of these before; someone else's and it sure is handy. This was from Kay, who also had another goodie in her package.

A handy free-standing cutter. I think Kay has both of these items, and knows how helpful they are in one's sewing room. I can't wait to get a chance to use them myself. (Still waiting on machine's return from fixit shop.)

This is a "bowl" for, I'd say putting out your fruit on the table or counter. But I see it serving a different purpose . . .

Why not re-purpose it in the sewing room to set up a pretty bowl of fabrics? That's what I'm doing. :-)

Do my friends know me or what? I have many of the Kaffe books, but not this one. So Sharon P. remedied that situation. There are at least 2 quilts in this book that I MUST make. (And they are not on the 2013 list!)

And, finally, tucked into a card from Lyn was a quilt shop gift certificate, so I really had a great "haul," wouldn't you say?

Concerning that 2013 list, I have been giving that some thought since posting it. I notice that I began with "finish" 3 quilts, and I ended with "finish" 3 quilts. That would be a wonderful accomplishment right there! A couple of those have been long-time UFOs (as some of you know).

Well, I get my 2nd sciatic shot tomorrow, and afterwards, Sharon P is coming to sew. We had a conflict of duties on Monday, but we are determined to get this routine established again.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Happy Birthday Jane - what nice friends you have! blessings, marlene

  2. Happy birthday to you Jayne! I hope the rest of the year treats you just as special!!!

  3. You had some lovely presents from your quilty friends.

    Hope the sciatic shot works brilliantly and takes away the remaining pain for you.


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