Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Lone Star Parade

Yes, we are having a parade and YOU are invited to participate!

Over the past year, Quilt Sue and I have shared duties running the Lone Star Quilt Along. That logo would appear at the beginning of each month, and we would encourage each other through a daunting, but rewarding, project! While we were a small group, I think we had several "lurkers" and I know that the few who did work on a Lone Star Quilt were happy for the continued encouragement.

The parade will be this Saturday, January 5. It will take place here on my blog, and I'm sure Sue will make frequent appearances, too. If you followed all the way through 2012 and made a Lone Star, send a pic and I will get your quilt into our parade. To do that, click on my "full profile" (in the sidebar) where you will find a link to my email. Couldn't be easier! *grin*

My Lone Star was a variation called Broken Star,
so feel free to send pics of variations, too/

AND, even if you didn't actually make a quilt with us but you have one - whether made by you or an heirloom you want to share - we will include those, too! Lone Stars come in a variety of looks (like any pattern, right?) and your quilt might just be the inspiration for one of our "lurkers" to get going on making their own Lone Star.

One thing we want to put particular emphasis on is the quilting of our Lone Stars. Have you made decisions about how you will quilt yours? Will you do it yourself? Or will you hire it out to a long-arm quilter? Or maybe you will have it hand-quilted? Sue and I hope you will share your plans, if you have them.

This will be the grande finale of the Lone Star Quilt Along. Sure hope you'll join the parade!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


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