Friday, January 25, 2013

Sewing With...Vol.2

In continuing to catch up with things around here, I want to tell you all about the Frankfort girls' sewing day last week at Terry's house.

Sheryll had these blocks already constructed and laid them out on Terry's bed in order to begin sewing the rows together. It is a beautiful quilt, and Sheryll picked these fabrics herself! I would have thought it was a kit, it is so well done!

It's a Country Threads pattern, and gosh she did a wonderful job of creating the quilt on the pattern front, didn't she?

By the end of the day, Sheryll had gotten the entire top sewn together. What efficiency! And what a great quilt. I just love the look of brown and red.

Sharon O. had a pattern from awhile back from Jo-Ann Fabrics. The corner there shows house blocks, and Sharon is getting hers constructed as you can see.

This is the best pic I took of the pattern. It looks very scrappy and has a country flavor to it.

We had a novice quilter with us this day! Terry's daughter-in-law Christa was working on a super simple quilt using a Jelly Roll.

It looks like she is off to a great start! I like her color combinations, and her easy pattern should give her a positive first experience with machine piecing!

Terry herself was also making a gorgeous creation! I tell you, these girls sure do give me big ideas. I want to make these quilts!!

Terry's assembly line of HSTs  looks quite efficient, for sure. She was zipping right along and put her project together easy as pie. She did use Thangles to make the triangles, which helps a lot.

Here's the pattern picture, and I don't have the actual name of the quilt but I think it is a pattern from Country Threads - like Sheryll's above - and this time it was a kit.

This is one quadrant of the quilt. It will be wall-hanging-size. Love the colors.

We were entertained by Terry's sweet doggies, but they soon tuckered out and took long afternoon naps.

We girls had med the previous Friday, and I have not shared our projects from that day yet. So let's get that caught up too, shall we?

Sharon O. models the frilly scarf that she knitted (or is it crocheted?). Lookin' good! Correction: Sheryll made the scarf; why Sharon is modeling it, I have no idea. I was present, and I did take the picture, but my brain must have been elsewhere!

JoAnn has enrolled in a class offered at Old Town Quilt Shop called Mill Girls. This is one of the blocks.


Here are 2 of the patterns. Oh, gosh, oh gosh...
Sheryll had these great wonky hearts to show us. I believe these were to become a wall hanging. Yet another correction: JoAnn made these wonky hearts. I do not know what was wrong with me on this day; my recollection of all this is completely gone! I guess that is why I should post things very quickly - can't count on my brain to recall facts after a week or more.

Well, I have just one more sewing with... to share. And you can look for that tomorrow!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Beautiful quilts, lovely friends; makes for a good day.

  2. Beautiful projects!!! Sounds like a very fun and productive day! Thank you for sharing.


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