Sunday, January 27, 2013


Seems as though I've been trying to take care of old business for quite awhile now, and the job is not quite done yet. And let me just warn you up front, if ever one wanted a definition for random, this post would be a good place to start. Don't expect any continuity whatsoever, ok? *wink*

I wanted to show you the 2nd pillow I made to give to Sharon P. for Christmas. It matches the Grannie pillow I gave her earlier.

Both pillows are made with Breath of Avignon fabric, and they have Sharon written all over them.

In sewing room activity, I have rearranged bins of fabric in the closet. Previously I had stuff front and center that I really would rather have had in the farthest, remotest corners. And vice-versa. So I pulled out a lot, rearranged a lot, and put it all back - and more. The closet is now quite full. Above is one-half, below is the other.

Things may not appear to be better organized and accessible, but they truly are. I really do think I will be pleased with this arrangement. Time will tell, true, but because so many of these tubs are see-thru, and they are mostly organized by color, I will be able to "shop the stash" with a certain degree of efficiency, I think.

Speaking of shopping, you all know that I have been relatively successful in  limiting my fabric purchases of late. I determined about a year into my retirement that I, 1) needed to be more frugal on my retirement budget, and 2) I had quite enough fabric in the stash to complete many, many quilts.

New rules were established: 1) buy only what is necessary to complete a stash quilt, and 2) buy when prices are drastically reduced.

So the above deliciousness - you may recognize it from the most wonderful Roman Holiday line from several years back - was a purchase I made a couple of weeks ago. I haven't seen any of this fabric in stores for ages, so it practically leaped into my arms. It was reduce-priced, and I got just a yard of each. Yummm. Added it to my existing tub of Roman Holiday, and I hereby resolve to make a RH quilt in 2013.

This past week, I got an email from Old Town Fabric Shop informing me that Thursday (1/24)  was something along the line of "support your LQS day" and they had a couple of mark-downs to show their appreciation, so I stopped in to take a peek. When given an offer of "buy 4 fat quarters, get the 5th one free," you know I can't resist! Below are 5 of the lovelies I selected.

Who can go wrong with a sweet variety of Kaffe blues? This was given to Kay as part of the prize package for the Lone Star Parade. I knew she would prefer these over the brown reproduction FQs that I'd originally planned to use.

(It helps when you know the recipient of the giveaway! Don't fear; there was no "prize-fixing;" besides myself and Quilt Sue, the other 2 entrants were personal friends of mine, so one of them had to win!)

The other 5 FQs I got for myself. I suppose I was in a repro mood that day.

Since I've been all over the place with topics in this post today, why not throw caution to the wind and show you another accomplishment I've managed this month??

January is jigsaw puzzle month for me. I dare not allow myself to do any more than that for I would get nothing else done. They are addicting for me. This one is special because it is a picture of a place I've been - Mrs. Miller's quilt shop in Charm, in the heart of Ohio's Amish Country. It was a fun puzzle to do. I did another puzzle before this one, but I apparently did not take a picture of it, for I have searched through many files and do not find it anywhere. (A good reason for keeping photo files organized, which I do not.) It was a gorgeous picture of a Maine light house - lots of blue sky and blue water to keep things interesting.

Ok, time to wrap this up. I've rambled far too long. I'm thinking that since Miss Bernina is still in the shop getting her feed dogs fixed, I will focus on cutting out a few things this week. Then I will be prepared for action once my  machine is returned.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. I try to keep projects in tubs, but I need to take a hint from you and hang the flimsies. I'd also like to visit and work puzzles. I can work one ALL day and never realize time has passed.

  2. I get addicted to puzzles too... except I am struggling to get excited about finishing the one on my table now - only black left! UGH. Your closet looks great~

  3. Love your pillows! You are organized -- what an inspiration. My studio needs a good re-organization!!! I like the puzzle. I like to do them, but when I start I just don't want to do anything else! *sigh*

  4. Oh you're making me giggle so much today:} That re-arranged closet is pure joy to the eye (well, an obsessive compulsive Type A eye!!).

    Also laughing about the jigsaws. I too have to severely restrict my jigsaw activities if I want to get anything else done. Are you a Mac or Windows user ... have you come across "Jigsaws Galore" which is available at the Apple Store but I believe there is also a Windows version. It's the only App I have ever paid for - you can make puzzles with your own photos and it works brilliantly.


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