Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sewing With...Vol. 3

And this will be the final Sewing With . . . installment. I'm sure you are glad. I just don't know how it happened that I got so far behind. Whatever the reason - and probably there were several - I am moving on. No sense dwelling on it.

So Friday morning - yesterday - was the regularly scheduled get together for the Frankfort girls, this time at Sharon O's house. We no sooner got there than the snow started, so we had a pretty view out her back window of the snowy hillsides of southern Ohio.

Sharon, our hostess, is working on this 100% hand-done doll quilt. Even the meander quilting is done by hand! Very impressive, and very pretty! It was originally intended for her granddaughter, but I believe Sharon has decided this is staying put as a table topper, perhaps.

Sheryll was hand quilting on the Guild Quilt. It is so pretty. Who doesn't love a blue and white quilt? It's traditional pattern and scrappy blues just really make for a wonderful quilt. This is the quilt they will be raffling off later this year. I suppose it is quite a big moneymaker for the guild.

While we were together yesterday, JoAnn announced that she was officially finished with the wall hanging that she's been diligently working on for several recent sessions. Here is a picture from a few weeks back, as I didn't take a new pic.

Terry was piecing this quilt in the previous post, and here is the completed wall-hanging, getting it's binding applied. She was fortunate in that she had enough extra HSTs to make a small table topper out of the remains. Lucky!! Ignore the hand in front of the quilt. I thought my fabrics matched Terry's, so JoAnn is checking by holding my squares in front of Terry's little table-topper.

I made 9-patch blocks, which has been my handwork of choice lately, it seems. For this particular session, I was using the leftovers from a quilt I made back in the fall called Antique Nine Patches.

Pretty stuff, wouldn't you agree? I have so enjoyed seeing all the amazing projects these dear girls make. I am frequently inspired both by their incredible productivity and their gorgeous quilt/fabric choices.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. You're so very fortunate to have such a lovely group to sew with. Nothing like that round here, maybe one of the few things I miss since we moved :{


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