Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sewing Room Update

Yes, the move that began before Christmas has been completed, nearly, and I am loving my new space. Thanks to DD Emma for suggesting it, and for being such a huge help in making it happen. Thanks to to DH Kevin who painted and cleaned carpets. While I am still deciding where to put things, and some things need to be consolidated, I am back at the sewing machine and attempting to get things done.

The room is like a double bedroom, and the closet is double in size, too. In the old room, my finished quilt tops were smooshed into the closet, making it impossible to get to any of them easily and equally difficult when adding a new one. This closet is s-p-a-c-i-o-u-s and I love it! These are my finished quilt tops since retiring (mostly). I have turned a few into completed quilts, and some have been gifted, but this is a pretty fair representation of my work since 2009.

I need to locate my camera to get some more pics to share. It must be in the sewing room (somewhere) so I need to get on about finding it.

I commend any of you who read all the way through my last post. I got a bit carried away with words! I try to keep a better balance of pictures to words. I needed to do a lot of catching up, more for myself than you readers, so thanks for bearing with me. And, I need to find that camera.

In other news, I notice that Lori at Humble Quilts is again doing a doll quilt to start the new year. I have made three with her, and this one looks very sweet, so I will probably make it, too. She's calling it Abundance. I need to dig through the stash to find the fabrics she suggests as she will begin giving directions tomorrow.

Finally, happy birthday to Sue, whose birthday was the 13th, and to Bonnie whose birthday is the 23rd. Both of these gals have blogs that I follow - well, of course you know Sue, my Lone Star companion, but I don't think I have mentioned Bonnie. She had a fun little quiltalong last month called Easy Street, and in the coming year is going to be featured in Quiltmaker magazine. Sue is getting ready to get into another quiltalong, believe it or not. I copied all the directions for Bonnie's Easy Street, and want begin working on it soon.

Well, look at me, once again, getting wordy and not offering you any pictures!

I will re-share this one, as it is currently at Terry's being quilted. It is called Thrifty, and I made it last September. It will be given to my mother as a Christmas gift. On Christmas, I put just the quilt top in a gift bag and promised to have it finished pronto. I was able to do next to no shopping for gifts this year, except for the on-line sort. My sciatic troubles prevented actual shopping. I would expect that Terry will have this finished very quickly and I will be binding it soon. Mom is great - she didn't mind waiting at all! Moms are like that, though, aren't they??

Happy quilting, Friends!


  1. Pictures Please!! lol Good for you and enjoy all that room to create in! And, I think you are the only person I know that has more tops than I do...

  2. What a beautiful collection of quilts, you have been a busy girl.

  3. I always knew you were productive, but seeing all those tops that you have made since retiring really emphasized it.

  4. Great idea for the quilts, as my a squashed in a cupboard too. OzSue.

  5. I'm drooling, looking at all those filled hangars of quilt tops. You busy, busy lady! Well done! I'm sure many of us are envious, seeing so many ready to be turned into finished quilts


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