Saturday, January 12, 2013

A (Small) Parade

As parades go, this one might garner the prize for the smallest in recorded history. We had a grand total of one entry; add that to Sue's quilt and my own, we have a 3-piece parade.

Ah, well, it was an effort, at least!

Without further ado, let us commence!

This Lone Star is from Frienzy Kay, who made this after a class. It was given to her in-laws, who displayed it in their Florida home. It eventually has found its way back to Kay, who is displaying it above in her family room. I can see feathered wreaths in her setting squares; if  you look closely they show up.

Quilt Sue, my partner in crime in this quilt along, finished her quilt top in 2012, and now has ideas on how she wants to quilt it.

I hear Sue is going to pop in later and give us her ideas on quilting in person. Stay tuned for that!

I've shown my quilt often enough here, that I really feel bad about posting it again! However, I did want to share my vision of how I will have mine quilted. In those large setting squares, I see some beautiful feathered wreaths with cross hatching in the center. The star bursts will all just be straight quilted. The outer setting squares and triangles will have full and half-wreaths. My pattern did not call for a border;  I will bind with red.

That concludes our parade. I promise, we did have other participants in our year-long endeavor, but I did not get an entry from any of them. Perhaps they will contact me and submit a picture yet today, which I will pass along as soon as possible. (I am going to be out of town for a time today, attending the funeral for the f-i-l of a Frienzy.) But I will update ASAP.

Thanks for popping in to our little parade.
Added much later: 
Finally home from a long day on the road. In addition to attending the funeral, we managed to locate 2 quilt shops between here and there, so it has, indeed, been a full day! But I did get another entry, so let's parade a bit more, shall we?

This star is called Cabot's star, and it comes from another Jayne - spelled just like I spell it! - from Bag End. Scroll through her blog and you will see this hung above her desk. She says it is a reminder that she still has not made a full size version of this star, but plans to (with gentle prodding) in 2013. Thanks, Jayne, for sending your picture!

Sue has sent a message as promised, and she has some elaborate quilting planned for her Lone Star. She tells me that she has created about 137 different versions of this feathered motif. I wonder what she will finally decide on? This is certainly a stunning pattern.

Won't it be spectacular??

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Beautifully, stunning parade! This is the quilt I so wanted to make along with you. 2012 simply was not the year for doing so.

  2. Just emailed you m'dear, sorry I am late bringing us up to a quartet (but not Fat Quarters, ha ha)

  3. Lovely parade! The quilts are just fabulous. I'll stop by later to see No. 4.

  4. beautiful quilts love yours , wow!
    ok I have always wanted to make one maybe this year should be the year!


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