Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sewing With...vol. 1

I've had several sewing with... days, and I've not blogged about any of them! I tell ya, look back at yesterday's title - I've gotta' get it together!!

Well, Sharon and I have finally resumed our weekly sewing date. We have decided that Monday is going to be the best day for the time being. And, another change, we are going to be here every Monday. Since she is primary babysitter for new grandson Flynn, she takes baby Flynn to his other aunt who lives between Sharon and me. It would make absolutely no sense whatsoever to have Sharon drive out to Aunt Ginny's, turn around and go back to her house to wait on me to come to her. So she packs up Flynn, drives to Ginny's then on to me. Streamlined.

And you won't believe this part. Since sewing with me on Monday's is the ONLY sewing Sharon is doing, she is just leaving her machine and current project here. Saves on having to pack it up every week.

We've had 2 sewing dates so far this month. Sharon has pulled out the long-term project Tumbling Blocks started by her daughter. If you recall our 2011 Quilt Camp, she was completing the first 1/2 of this very large quilt.

Here is a pic from 2011 of Tumbling Blocks. It requires very particular placement, as all the blocks are the same - well, all the purple blocks are formed with the same 3 fabrics, and so on with all the other blocks. Study it for a second and you will see that there is a plan.

Sharon has her rows neatly stacked in this bin, and everything is pinned in order. so her machine is whirring right away on those rows.

Remember back in late September when I made this Jelly Roll Race quilt for Flynn? He was within just days of being born, and we (Sharon and I) haven't sewn together since. His arrival, my sciatic, the holidays and occasional illness prevented it. And I did not work on the baby quilt any more. So I needed to get it done. I practiced machine quilting throughout the intervening weeks, and worked on this these last 2 sewing days together.

Ready now for the binding. I am stuck for a bit, however, as my Bernina has decided that her feed dogs are tired. They just won't move! So she is at the repair shop, having her feet tended.

In the meantime, I continue to straighten up the sewing room.

Come back tomorrow for volume 2 of "Sewing With..."

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. Hehe, use Sharon's machine whilst your waiting! I'm sure she wouldn't mind?


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