Monday, January 28, 2013

Red and Black Confetti

It has been ages since I have shown any actual sewing from these parts. The big sewing room move and an ailing machine among other things have sorta' taken center stage.

Well, let's rectify that with this post, shall we? I know that somewhere back in November I showed my early progress on piecing this quilt. Here are some pics of more recent work.

My stack of 40 star blocks, pressed and needing a good trimming (which I likely will not do). The original pattern is called Christmas Confetti from a book by Thimbleberries and Lynette Jensen. I say it time and time again, when I need an easy yet unmistakeably traditional quilt, I go with Thimbleberries. I've never yet been disappointed.

This pattern is the one we Frienzies have used for 6 retirement quilts, at least. I plan on using it again soon with Kaffe fabrics. The pattern is just really user-friendly, as nearly every Thimbleberries pattern I've ever made has been.

These 2 fabrics are the remaining fabrics needed for the quilt. Alternate blocks will be made of the floral. Side and corner triangles will be made of the black. Then, I plan to change the pattern slightly with regard to the borders. I hope to have 3 borders instead of the pattern's 2, and the widths will change, too, depending on how much fabric I have left after completing the quilt's center.

I've tried to simulate how the quilt will look by folding and placing the parts to give myself an idea of the "look" of the finished quilt. I am eager to get back to work on it.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Very nice chose fabrics! I think google translator is telling me right! ??

  2. Beautiful blocks Jayne :}

    I've just noticed your "captain backfires ..." link. Did you know you can import that blog into this one and effectively merge them? I've done it and the process worked extremely well. If you want a heads-up about it, please email me and we'll chat.

  3. The quilt is going to be really stunning. I am finding myself drawn to making a red and white quilt, but I'm not going to tell you - look what happened when I mentioned Lone Stars to you a year ago!


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