Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Taking Stock of 2012

Maybe lots of people do this, I just know that my DH and I are big list makers (he more so than I), and from the very beginning of our marriage, we have made goals lists for the new year. It is fun to go back over them and see how much was done and what was not. I'm going to do that a bit here today.

First, a new  year warrants a facelift on the ol' blog. I dropped the shabby pink for some shabby blue. I hope it's not too overwhelming. I prefer blogs that allow the content to be the focus and not the graphics. If you have an opinion, I'd love it if you left me a comment.

Next, for a few weeks, I have been mulling over the quilts I want to make in this new year. I have a considerable list and  will soon be posting it in my sidebar. It helps to have it here where I can see it regularly and keep my work focused on meeting my goals.

The goals list for 2012 will be hard to beat, as I accomplished all of it!! Yaaa, me!!! I am so pleased about that. I have even finished some quilts that weren't on the list, so I feel as though I was super-productive in 2012.

But I mustn't let myself become too puffed up about my accomplishments . . . I think about all the time I waste and realize that I could have completed so much more if only I wouldn't be such a slug. That is something I hope to correct in 2013.

Third, I am moving to a new sewing room! Yes, the current bedroom has become cramped (you know all that stuff I've been bringing home from Grandma's??). DD2 offered her much-larger bedroom, saying she wouldn't mind downsizing since she is here very infrequently. So I took her up on that offer, and we are in moving mode. DH is painting the room now, and I am making mental plans about furniture placement, storage, etc.

The former color is purple - done by DD1 when she was in high school.
After she went to college, DD2 moved in.
The new color is Soft Sunshine. (Yellow, in other words.)

This room is HUGE! I measured it at roughly 27'x 14'. It extends from the front of our house to the back.
This view is from the back of the room looking toward the front yard.

In this shot, I have turned around; this window looks out to the back yard.

This corner desk is likely going to become my sewing table.
I won't have the luxury of buying any new furniture, so I will be using what I've got.
I think I will like having all the surface for holding large projects.

 Last, I can now share a couple of projects I have been working on, as the gifts have been given, and no secrets will be revealed.
Table runners! I used the 60-degree angle to cut the striped fabric.
They came together fast, and I backed them with flannel.
I think the fabric has a Christmasy look to it,
but it could also be used all year, if desired.

And, I've made some progress on is DD2's t-shirt quilt. She loves it, and I got a thumbs up for selecting the pink polka dot setting fabric. I should have had this baby finished, as I started it quite awhile ago.
I will firm up those 2013 goals and get them added over in my sidebar. I am optimistic that I will be able to get lots of quilts made. I am also optimistic that I will make a further dint in my stash.
Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. I'm so excited for you! LOVE the wall color you chose... and will be watching to see how you set things up.

  2. I am totally jealous of your new room! I like your blue, by the way. :) blessings, marlene


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