Friday, January 23, 2015

A Sweet Little Star

Sometimes one just fiddles around, and I have mastered that over the last couple of days. Here is my justification for my aimlessness.

First, my fingers are sore from all the quilting I did while I listened to our book club selection, Sycamore Row by John Grisham. It was a fun book to listen to, and I was captivated, but that meant I was listening a lot, and thus did a lot of hand quilting. But lots of hand quilting makes one's fingers raw, so there you go. (I tried those poke-a-dot things to protect my fingers with limited success.)

Second, I have worked on UFOs for so long that I just don't want to do anymore for awhile.

Last, I really want to start a fun, new project. I think this weekend I will cut something out - I need a fresh project really bad.

My fiddling led me to digging through my stack of pre-cuts. I have many. (That's a subject for another post.) One partial Charm Pack is left over from that table runner I finished up last week - Pashmina. I decided I would make a star block.

This measures out at 4 and 3/8"-square. I tried to waste as little of my charm squares as possible. That is something I have difficulty with - wasting pre-cut fabric. Does this bother anyone else?

I am gearing up for some fun. I have a morning today with the Frankfort Girls, and after that I am lunching with the Book Club. This evening we will visit my mother and grandmother and possibly other family. Tomorrow morning I have another calligraphy class--DD Erin is taking it with me. That will be fun. Sometime Saturday afternoon I should be cutting away on a fabulous new project--if I can just decide on what it will be....

Indecision. Lack of focus. I need some direction!!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. Jayne, the little star block is charming and yes, I HATE to waste fabric from pre-cuts. They're pricey and it seems like no matter how careful I am, I always run out when using them in a project (I'm gifted that way!).

    Looking forward to seeing what you work on next! Hugs, Jo :)


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