Sunday, January 11, 2015

UFO Show - Part Two

I promised in the previous post to share with you the UFOs that Terry finished in 2014 as part of our UFO Challenge. She was the winner of the challenge, no doubt. This output will impress you, I'm sure. Let us begin.

I love the block in this quilt, and Terry said it is called the Cannonball. Blame the photographer (me) for not taking a better picture. You do see the entire center, though. I cut off the left and bottom borders, unfortunately. This would be a throw quilt, or one to drape over a small table.

This little patriotic wall hanging was another of Terry's finishes. It will find a spot to live come summer time and the 4th of July.

This very pretty brown and pink wall hanging is now finished. Don't you just love bow-tie quilts?

What a great quilt this is! I love the strong black chain that runs through it, and how the border is interrupted to complete the chain.

This sampler applique is ready for summer. The combination of the pieced flying geese, checkerboard and sawtooth borders along with the applique blocks looks very nice. It never occurs to me to make quilts like this for myself, but I always love the look when I see them made by others. I think one needs lots of wall space for displaying these wall hangings, and my house isn't as well-suited to them as Terry's is. Notice the pieced border, also. Very nice.

And, Terry had a second combination pieced and appliqued wall hanging. This one has more of a feel of autumn, with all its fall colors and homespun plaids.

Are you impressed yet with all of Terry's finishes? The best is yet to come. But first, have a look at this marvelous Churn Dash and Basket quilt. I have always loved the Churn Dash block. These big chunky ones look fantastic.

The grand finale is worth waiting for. The picture above is the back - Terry used a Farmall Tractor fabric in brown and cream. It is quite fitting.

Do you recognize it? It's the Farmer's Wife quilt! I was so excited to see it. What a fantastic, gorgeous accomplishment.

What a labor of love this is. I should have asked Terry if we could photograph it on her bed. These snapshots just don't do it proper justice. But for those of you who know this quilt, this is definitely an accomplishment. I have about 30 of my blocks finished. I believe Terry said she has 120 in this one. Gracious! This is an heirloom, to be sure.

That concludes the UFO Show. My paltry finishes somehow don't seem to measure up, do they? I guess I will take satisfaction in having a few things done, though, and will work to do a few more in this new year's challenge.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Terry has been very busy, but don't do yourself down, finishes are finishes, no matter how many there are.


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