Monday, January 12, 2015

New Year; Same Pace

Generally folks have a lot of vim and vigor about things when faced with a brand new year. They get lots of things done; they clean up things; organize things; charge into projects with energy and enthusiasm.

For some reason, this year I am not. I have worked at a snail's pace through these first 12 days of 2015. Instead of having a brand new project going, I am procrastinating about finishing some of the things I was supposed to have finished by now. Ugh. It's just not inspiring.

I took the quilting frame apart, and moved it upstairs to make room for Christmas festivities, and I haven't worked on it since. And I am so close to finally being finished. (shaking my head)

You can read about other projects that are oh-so-close to being finshed, as well. Just click here to read a post in which I provide a bit of a round up of UFOs.

So what to do? Well while we were watching a bit of football yesterday, I grabbed the 2.5" squares left over from the Thursday night meeting (read about it here) and I just made some 9-patch blocks. At least I wasn't wasting my time. These will be added to the little pile of blocks that are already finished. They are so easy and fun to make.

This green and cream block was made while Green Bay was beating the Cowboys. Maybe I was bringing them luck by using green. Nah, probably not.

By later in the evening, I had three more. They will be taken upstairs for pressing, and then plopped into the stack. I am sure I have enough to make a quilt by now. I plan to use a plain alternate block, I think.

So, the quilting for 2015 is sputtering to get started, but at least it's started. I hope my engine will get revved up soon. Tomorrow will help. Sharon P. is coming for a sewing day!! We haven't sewn together since perhaps Thanksgiving! I know I will be more productive with resuming our weekly Tuesday sessions. As I told her, I need the structure!!

Don't think I have forgotten what day it is. Yes, all week we have been so anxious and eager for THE BIG GAME!! And now game day is finally here!

Our beloved Buckeyes will face off against the Oregon Ducks for the National Championship! It is so exciting, and it promises to be a good game. I hope to be back here tomorrow in celebration mode!  
Go Bucks!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. love that quilt and 9 patch blocks are always fun to put together and see how many different looks you can get


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