Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Farmer's Wife Close Up

Yesterday, several of us spent the day at Terry's sewing. She has a spacious family room where 2 or 3 tables can be set up and machines can be plugged in to extension cords. In the kitchen we have a cutting station and an ironing board. All very cozy and accessible.

I will show you what I worked on tomorrow. Today, I prefer to show off for Terry. A few weeks ago, I shared a picture of one of her finished UFOs - the Farmer's Wife Quilt. Yesterday, we dragged it downstairs to her bedroom and spread it out so that it could have a proper picture taken of all its beautiful glory.

A feast for the eyes, isn't it? I gazed and gazed at the variety of blocks, fabrics and colors. Surprises everywhere.

 We had an unusually sunny day for as cold as it was, so the sunshine in the windows wreaked havoc with my exposure. This is the best I could do from this angle. (Note to self: take a photo editing class sometime.) Do you see the little busy-body on the chair in the distance? Miss Millie doesn't miss a trick in this household; she is just sure that whatever you are doing MUST involve her in some way. Millie just turned 3, we were informed, so she is officially an adult dog. Yeah, right. She still exhibits a lot of puppy tendencies. *grin* That's what makes her so much fun.

And lest you thing Chuck would be left out, have no fear! He plopped himself right down in the middle of our photo shoot and posed for us. There must be a sixth sense for cats when a new quilt is spread out on a bed. Our Gracie does the same thing--makes a bee-line to it. Must be that curious cat thing we have all heard about.

We had a great time sewing at Terry's. Besides myself and Terry, Sheryll and Sharon P. were in attendance. I have no pictures of anything anyone worked on, but I did get a UFO finished, and will share that with you tomorrow.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. I can't even begin to think about the hours and hours of work that went into that amazing quilt.


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