Sunday, January 4, 2015

UFOs Bite the Dust

This UFO has been finished for a long time - since Veterans' Day, actually. I finished it on the day we all sewed at Sherrie's. I just haven't taken the opportunity to photograph it and show it to you all. You can tell that it's been folded up for awhile. I should have pressed it for it's blog debut, but ehh, well...

This UFO is quite old. If I had to fathom a guess, I'd say between 15-20 years old. I was crazy about paper-piecing when it first came on the scene. These blocks are made using that method. Mostly, I was just playing around with scraps and I got carried away. I got it back out about a year ago, and made a few more blocks so I'd have enough for a nice throw, and then I sewed the top together. When I put the border on, I was really lazy, and didn't measure like I should have. The resulting borders were so wavy that they just looked hideous. So I put it away again. (My M-O.)

For the UFO Challenge, my goal was to remove the offending borders, measure correctly, and reattach. Easy stuff. I did that and now I'm happy.

So the items on the UFO list continue to be checked off. Bit by bit, I am getting it whittled down. Nice.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. nice to get that UFO pile tamed. mine is going to have some visiting this year too. after all, it SHOULD make for some quick finishes. most of the work is done.

  2. sounds like you're getting through your UFO mountain. I think I need to start working on mine too.


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