Saturday, January 10, 2015

Frankfort Girls UFO Show

Friday morning 4 out of the 5 Frankfort Girls met at Terry's for coffee, some yummy cinnamon cake and catching up. The holidays wreaked havoc on our last few scheduled meetings, so we really had to cover a lot of material! We stayed an extra half hour and we were still going strong.

The most important item on the to-do list was to review some of our completed UFOs from the 2014 challenge. I have quilts to show you from Sheryll and Terry. I think I will break them up into 2 posts; today's will feature Sheryll's.

This Santa wall hanging has a unique feature at the bottom. The candle is extended below the border line. "Outside the box," if you will. Very nice. And isn't her crosshatch quilting nicely done? I just love it.

This is another wall hanging. I don't know why Sheryll delayed finishing this one. It's beautiful! And when you see the back, it's just as gorgeous.

This final picture is all I have of a pineapple wall hanging. There are 9 pineapples in all, and each one is hand embroidered with little beads added for detail. It looks great, and I wish I could show you the entire piece. It will look great in Sheryll's house.

I mentioned that 4 of us were present. One of our group, JoAnn, is in Florida. The lucky girl! She sent us this after texting with her. (Ah, the wonders of the techno world in which we live!) She said it is the view on her morning walk.

There's no walking here in Ohio! Our view looks like this.

Quite a difference, wouldn't you say? We are hovering around the single digits in temperature. We were out last night, and the car thermometer read 8 degrees. Brrrrrr.

Tomorrow I will show you some of Terry's completed UFOs. She won the prize for the year-long challenge. I venture to say you will be impressed with her output!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Take care driving and walking around in that white stuff :}

  2. very nice of you to share and have a virtual quilt show. so so pretty. love that Santa quilt!

  3. I love the Santa quilt. I hate that white stuff.


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