Friday, January 2, 2015

Another UFO Completed

Hey! How about those Buckeyes?!!!!

We are pretty happy here in Buckeye Nation. That win last night against Alabama was sweet! One to go! For a championship!

During the game, I stitched these two pillows. This counts as just one item on the UFO list, and if I think about it too long, I'm embarrassed that I took so long in finishing them. I mean, really, 2 pillows? Shouldn't have even been cluttering up my workspace. Such simple stuff.

So, I'm off today to the Historical Society. That's right. We are still writing. I hope today is the last day. The dust jacket text and corrections are the agenda items today. I have enjoyed this project, but I will be glad to have it finished!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. That WAS sweet! We were cheering loudly all the way from Kauai! My future SIL went to 3 of their games this year.

  2. I have so many little projects that my word for 2015 will be perseverance. I need to trudge on and get er done!
    nice finishes.


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