Sunday, January 31, 2016

Another January Finish

I will be more than happy to count this quilt among the projects finished for this first month of 2016. I just don't need to be reminded that the quilt top was made all the way back in early August 2015, and the darling baby girl was born in early October. Further proof that I am a world-class procrastinator, as I have mentioned here many times. I wanted to finish it, but the longer I procrastinated, the larger it loomed over me. I am my own worst enemy, for sure.

I have referred to this quilt as Three Charms Quilt, but in actuality, I used 2 charm packs and some additonal matching yardage. And from here on out, it shall be referred to as Cece's Quilt, short for Cecelia, the new babe.

It took me just 2-3 hours to make the quilt top. Then every time I decided that I would get busy with the finishing, I ran into roadblocks. First, I needed to piece the back.

Then I didn't have enough fusible batting, which is what I wanted to use since I planned to machine quilt this myself on the Bernina. But these were just excuses; I was reluctant to test my quilting skills on a quilt that was intended to be a gift. Finally, I decided to just bite the bullet.

The thought of allowing the whole first month of the new year get past me with this quilt still unfinished moved me into gear. I was determined to cross it off my list before February arrived.

The quilting may be less than perfect, but a finished quilt is better than the imperfections. The binding is even finished. I pieced the two fabrics from the backing into long strips. It keeps the playfulness in the quilt, I suppose. After a run through the washer and dryer, this will look fluffy and crinkly and baby-ready.

Grammy Vickie will soon be off to visit her daughter and baby granddaughters - Nora of the Kissing Fishes quilt is Cece's big sister - and this quilt is ready to make the trip. 

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. I don't think anyone will mind that it's not perfect. Even less the baby! lol This quilt has such a feeling of calmness and I think that this is all that matters.

  2. No matter how long it took, it is very cute and I'm sure well appreciated!


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