Monday, September 19, 2016

A Sweet Italian Gift

My stitching friend Jan (of the Frankfort Girls) returned recently from a 3-week long vacation to Italy and the Mediterranean. Having been to Italy a few times, I am totally green with envy at such a long vacation.

Well, look at the adorable souvenir she brought back! It's a tiny bottle of Chianti wine - direct from the Chianti region! I have never seen one packaged so small. It is almost too cute to open.

And check out the gift bag in patriotic Italian colors. Sweet. Jan is always so thoughtful and considerate. I am saving my Chianti for a special use - and I don't think I will share, either! Sorry, DH!

I am hopeful for a BIG finish this week. Sharon will be over later; I don't know what she will have to work on. For me - I plan to sew all day. I am in what you might call the final push on Elisa's quilt. Wish me luck! Maybe this wine will be my reward at the end - sounds like a good idea!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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