Saturday, September 3, 2016

A Quilt Back

A couple of weeks ago when DD Erin was here for a visit, I had her come upstairs to the sewing room to select backing for her quilt, Erin's Diamonds. Imagine sifting through large tubs of Kaffe Fassett fabrics trying to make such a decision...what a chore! *grin*

Below are the winners. They are actually Phillip Jacobs designs for KF/Westminster Fibers.

The two fabrics are Tulip and Lilac Rose, both on pink backgrounds. The will work well in a pieced back. One is a 3-yard cut; the other is a 3.25-yard cut.

I have since measured the quilt and have found that I will need about a yard more fabric. My plan is to go to the fabrics Erin eliminated from consideration and pick one of those to make up that last bit. I think I will play around with an unusual arrangement, and not just sew straight lengths of fabric together. A sketch is in order.

I mentioned in this post, item #8 on the list, that I plan on putting Erin's Diamonds in Grandma's old quilting frame. I intend to set it up in the front room (which we rarely use), set my Ott Light near, and watch Netflix programs or listen to books on tape while I quilt.

Today we are off for a drive down to the Ohio River, and then head back for the opening game for the 2016-17 Buckeyes, a noon game against Bowling Green, which we will have on DVR. Go Bucks!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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