Monday, September 12, 2016

Sewing With the Frankfort Girls

Friday morning all 6 of us were together at JoAnn's house. After the crazy schedules all of us have had this summer, having 100% attendance has been rare. It was fun hearing about Jan's recent trip to Italy and Greece. We caught up with Terry's recent health concerns as well as her DH's (improving cautiously), and the rest of us just filled in with general goings on - you know how it is with friends - we just pick up as if we'd never had any amount of interruptions.

So, let's see what pretty stuff we worked on. JoAnn, our hostess, was finishing a wall hanging that she'd begun some time ago.

Below is a new table runner by Sharon O.

Sheryll has yet another wool applique project.

Jan brought another stack of Crown Royal bags to deconstruct. She said she made friends with the bartenders on her cruise ship - all 6 of them! - and collected these for her next Crown Royal quilt.

Terry was binding this gorgeous Kim Diehl quilt that she made at her guild's retreat back in the spring. This quilt is so beautiful; the picture does not do justice to just how wonderful it is in real life.

And I worked on 4-patches. It is easy to carry this box along and stitch without really having to think too much. The picture below is an old one; I didn't bother to take another picture since it's more of the same, basically.

We meet in two weeks at Jan's. No doubt we will have new, fun projects and captivating conversation. And I will certainly keep you in the loop!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. what a great way to get those bags! I have seen several quilts over the years made with them.


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