Friday, September 30, 2016

Back to Lorraine

Early in the summer when I should have been working on any number of commissions I had waiting to be done, I took a day to dive into my sweet little stash of American Jane/Moda fabrics - Lorraine and Savonnerie, specifically. These bright, sunny French-inspired colors were just begging me to create something.

And ever since, the design wall has looked like the photo above. I sewed my blocks into rows, and pinned the rows onto the design wall, and then went back to work on the commissions. It has been nice to look at this wall of gorgeous color all summer long.

On Monday, after I sewed together three - yes, three - quilt backs, I rewarded myself by taking down these rows, rearranging a bit to distribute the colors more evenly, and sewing the top together.

Whee! What fun! I am so loving how the two lines of fabrics work together. It is really hard to know which piece is from the Lorraine line and which is from the Savonnerie line. Good planning by the fabric designer, right?

So now I have my center and am left with deciding how to handle borders. Here is what is left of my two fabric lines - one charm pack of Savonnerie and leftovers from my jelly roll of Lorraine.

However, I do have a wildcard option: several years ago I made a quilt with an earlier line of American Jane fabrics, and I still have leftovers of that fabric stored away in a tub. I think they will totally go with these newer lines, and I will use them if necessary.

Yes, I still have a couple of commissions to finish - 2 t-shirt quilts, specifically. But it sure has been fun to divert my attention to my own stitching for just a little break.

And, one last time, let me remind you to go visit the Quilter Blogger's Festival, to see all the entries in a virtual quilt show hosted by Amy's Creative Side. I have entered quilts in three categories, and would sure love for you to vote if you haven't already. Results will be announced on Saturday, so time is running out!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. Your quilt is adorable, so fresh and colorful. The left overs will make another beautiful!scapquilt


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