Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Stash Enhancement

This is bargain-style stash enhancement, too -- the very best kind.

I mentioned in a recent post that one of my friends was selling her stash (not all of it, but a very significant portion of it). I was quite interested in making some purchases, yet at the time I was shopping, no specific needs came to mind, so I bought dark neutrals. I always seem to need background and/or neutral fabrics to complete a color combination, so this gave me a perfect opportunity to do just that.

These are all good-sized cuts of fabric and will serve me well on several quilts. I have a couple of plans already forming for some of this. These fabrics were either 2-yard or 3-yard cuts for the most part. That is just right, in most cases, for a decent quilt. Since I don't have anything specific in mind, anything I make with these will be as big as the neutral will allow. That will be just fine with me.

Now that a few days have passed, of course I am thinking of specific quilts and thinking of things I should have looked for. Hindsight, you know. I expect Terry will have round 2 at some point, so I will try to keep these specifics in mind.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

don't you just love it when others decide to sell off some of their stash and you get some good bargains. Some years ago a quilter I know was in charge of selling off a late friends stash - the deceased had been 90 years old and quilted for years - had new fabric and old - an entire house of fabric to be sold - there was enough to fill a two room office that was empty in her husbands building that he worked in, she had fabric on tables and bookcases -everything for a dollar a yard - she used it for a week until she had sold as much for the estate as she could.

Jayne Hill said...

So sad when a quilter decides to sell off her stash :( I sometimes wonder what on earth will happen to my fabric if I don't get a move on and use some of it.

Love your choices, I think I have some of those same fabrics on my own shelves.