Sunday, September 25, 2016


Being a "prepper" has a new meaning in 2016. Back in the 1980s a prep was a fresh-faced teeny-bopper with an affinity for plaid, Izod sweaters and neatly matched accessories. Today, a prepper is someone who is saving back necessities for some future apocalypse.

We quilters have our own definition of prepping - pulling fabrics and patterns, pressing and cutting, and any other necessary work to prepare for making a quilt. Or quilts. Some quilters like to prep several quilts all at once to be ready for marathon stitching sessions.

Since finishing Elisa's big quilt on Thursday, I have been rather at a loss as to where to land next. I made a list of several things which are of a rather urgent nature, but instead of actually redirecting myself and attacking them, I have been aimlessly moving from one to another.

Most significantly, I suppose, I have pulled fabrics for a little gift I want to make for someone special, which you see above. Do you approve of these fabrics together? They have been in my stash for a long time, and none of them were actually purchased to go together. Based on color, though, I like how they look as a group. I think that some quilters are very attuned to keeping like-styles together, and I can understand that to a degree, but I also want to use my stash. Sometimes one can't be as "pure" about fabric combos. I can tolerate inconsistencies in this regard, and so I do believe I will be very satisfied with this little grouping.

(Remember 'Stars in a Time Warp' that Barbara Brackman did a year ago? The intent with that quiltalong was to use 2 fabrics from different eras or styles to make a star. It was fun to see what folks did - I made a couple - and it has made me more conscious of how I combine fabrics.)

Back to my topic - prepping ... So I have the aforementioned little surprise to finish. I also need to be prepping 2 quilts and maybe even a 3rd for hand quilting.

The first is Erin's Diamonds, which I mentioned last week in the post about Grandma's quilt frame, which now at least has been draped over the rails, waiting while I stitch the backing. Must get that prepped! Remember the urgency I mentioned??! All the focus last week was on Elisa's quilt; gotta' get my gears shifted.

The other one - or possible two -  will be needed for next Saturday's History Day, where I will be demonstrating hand quilting. The quilt - or quilts - have been pulled and backing has been selected, but neither are ready to go. More prepping.  Click the link to see the quilts I plan to work on.

Basically, I am admitting to being in pretty much the same state I was in a week ago with the very notable exception that Elisa's quilt is done. And while that is HUGE! - I must hop to it on these other important matters!

I didn't even mention the 2 t-shirt quilts I have waiting in the wings. More prepping.

Oh dear.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Take a black and white picture. Several of them feel like they are the same value. Good luck!

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