Friday, September 16, 2016

Helping A Friend

On Monday I had a little adventure that involved puppies. How could anything be more perfect?

Claudia had been in touch with me some time earlier for help with finishing a table topper, and in the hustle-bustle of my getting back into school routine and her busy schedule with her dog shows, we just hadn't made connecting a priority. I will show you the table topper later, but for now, let's play with these puppies.

Her dog Mika had a litter of 6 puppies about a month ago, and these little bundles of fur are just right for cuddling and playing. The picture above is a rare resting shot; generally they are 100% energy.

Mika is never far from her babies, and I watched her "teach" lessons during my visit. Claudia raises, breeds, sells and shows border collies, and she has quite an elaborate and impressive setup.

This last picture is Ritz, a Sheltie. Claudia and her husband also specialize in Shelties, and Gary is heavily involved in agility competitions with them. I tell you, their dog business is amazing. Kennels, leashes, and all manner of accoutrements fill a garage and several storage buildings at their farm. I grew up having a family dog, and we loved all of them over the years, but I had absolutely no idea of the depth of knowledge one can have if in the business of dogs. Quite impressive! And her dogs are so well behaved. They know a gazillion commands, and are just as friendly and approachable as can be.

Let's move on to the project Claudia needed advice on. She had made a star-shaped table topper and was ready to finish it off. It was machine quilted, and she wondered how to handle those deep corners and points when binding.

I told her about clipping to almost the depth of the corner, and trimming excess on the points. She is going to try turning the back over to the front to make the binding. If this does not work, plan B is to make a bias binding and apply. She will send pictures of her finish, so I will be sure to let you all know how she gets along.

You may recall my early sessions with Claudia (back in early 2015) as very much a beginning quilter. Well, she is far from that beginner stage now, and has even created a little nook in her entry hallway for a sewing room. Have a look.

All the necessities - machine, ironing/cutting space, storage, design wall, and natural lighting. It suits her perfectly.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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