Thursday, September 15, 2016

Planning Ahead for History Day

Seems like I have been doing a whole lotta' planning and very little doing lately. That's the way of things sometimes, I guess. Today's plan involved the Greenfield Historical Society's annual History Day celebration coming up on Saturday, October 1. It has been my pleasure to sit at my quilting frame since 2010, demonstrating to guests the old-time art of hand quilting.

Below are two quilt tops I have pulled out of the closet as potential quilts for demonstrating. Both are rather small in size - like lap quilts more than bed quilts. I am considering doing my quilting in a hoop this year as opposed to the frame, so a smaller quilt would be more manageable, I think.

The quilt above is a pattern called Antique Nine Patches from my blogging friend Sue Abrey's book, Pick Four. You can click back here to read about my finishing this quilt top. I would enjoy hand quilting this quilt. The fabric on the right is what I plan to use for the backing.

I dug out this quilt top a few days after the first and thought maybe it would do for history day, also. I have pulled the two fabrics on the right for a pieced back. The quilt top is paper pieced, and was an ancient UFO before I finally finished it in one of those UFO challenges I did with the Frankfort girls awhile back. I found the post that describes my finish, if you are interested in additional details.

Now I just need to decide which quilt I will work on. Or -- and this is a wild and crazy idea -- I could put them both in hoops and take two! Gracious, wouldn't that be the picture of industriousness? Ha!

Here are some links to previous History Day posts:  2011, 2012, 2013, 2014. I began in 2010, but didn't blog about it, and I apparently missed last year, as well.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. I demonstrated hand quilting at a historical event one year, it was fun having people stop by to watch and wonder "how on earth can you take so many stitches" "and by hand!!" people always seem to be amazed to see a person quilting by hand and think it is only done by machine now days


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