Sunday, November 27, 2016

A Major Development

Today I am thrilled to report some major developments on my quilting of Erin's Diamonds.

After quilting all day Friday - and I do mean, I practically DID quilt all day and have the sore fingers to show it - I rolled the quilt to the final section yesterday. And when I did, I discovered that I had way too much backing gapped away from the batting and top. When I put this quilt in the frame (many weeks ago) I was certain I had everything as taut as possible, but apparently the layers shifted a good bit. I couldn't quilt it that way; it would look terrible. It left me puzzled for most of Saturday. Finally last evening, I decided to remove the quilt from the frame and finish the last of the quilting in a lap hoop. The frame needed to be moved out of the way of the painting, so this seemed as good a time as any. (Click back through posts from the past month and follow the great painting saga at our house.)

The unrolled quilt looks pretty darn good, doesn't it?! I am so happy with the results. It gives me the encouragement I need to stay with it and get it finished.

This closer view shows off the diamonds so well. It's a sight to behold! And most of it's DONE!

Today's job will be to get a hoop out and load this in. Right now, the entire quilt is rolled onto one of the frame's roller bars and is laying across the kitchen table. I will get it all in order today, and maybe even take a few stitches.

In this last section that I quilted, I did something different. I left all the tails of the quilting threads loose to pick up and continue with after I had moved to the next section. Below is what the edge looked like before I took down the frame. Sorta' looks like a scraggly, bearded mess. I see that I have a couple of threaded needles there, too, waiting to be stitched. I have been a regular assembly line of productivity with this project, let me tell you!

I left these tails in the hope that I would be optimizing my time. I certainly quilted the last section more quickly by not having to bury the ends every time I reached the edge. For this final section, my threads are ready and just need to be quilted in.

Are you all are having a relaxing end to your Thanksgiving weekend? After our big Ohio State win over Michigan yesterday, today will be much calmer and quieter. Double overtime nearly did me in! I can only imagine the pandemonium in the 'Shoe. I am sure Columbus was celebrating all night!

Moving on, I promised to share pics of our Barnsgiving - which I will do tomorrow. I took a couple of days off from blogging, so my wrap-up of our Thanksgiving feast in the barn will be next.

I am linking to Slow Sunday Stitching. Kathy's post today is about some very old sewing notions that a friend of hers recently purchased in an online auction. It makes me think about all the old stuff in Grandma's sewing kit. I wrote about some of her treasures several years ago.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Your quilt is gorgeous! My house is much calmer after the Ohio State win yesterday, though my Husband may have lost his voice for a while, after all the yelling. Ha ha!

  2. Lovely fabrics. This is going to a real beauty when you finish quilting it!

  3. Your quilting is gorgeous. And how exciting to be close to the end!

  4. This quilt is absolutely beautiful!

  5. Your quilt is absolutely sparkles!!

  6. I've had the same thing happen on the outer edge of my quilts. It's just something I've learned to check for when I get towards the end. Your quilt is so lovely.

  7. Beautiful! I too keep the thread out or in a needle to continue after a hoop move.


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