Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Hello, November

Gosh. November 1st. Time is so tricky, isn't it? We think life is just chugging along in rather ordinary, mundane fashion, then WHAM! Something as simple as changing the month on the calendar makes you wake up and take notice that time is flying by!

In the sewing realm, I begin to get a panicky feeling as year's end closes fearing that I have accomplished so very little in the year; this often finds me refocusing on finishes. That is holding true this year, for sure. I am in the very final stages of completing the last of the commissioned quilts I've spent much of the year working on, and when that task is finally finished, watch out! I am going to charge ahead into projects like a madwoman!

But first, into any seamstress' life, some mending must fall. DS brought me two pairs of pants last week that were in need of patching and repairing. The first pair is a pair of corduroys which are so threadbare that he always wears shorts under them for fear of having a blowout, much like what may have happened here.

The lighter thread in the patching above is from the last time I mended these pants; this time around, I found an iron-on patch in my sewing kit, put it on and then zig-zagged all around it - several times over. Still, the fabric is so worn, it won't be long until he has to finally throw them out. "But I love these pants!" he tells me. Sorry, son, there comes a time...

These jeans had not one ripped out belt-loop, but two. I cut a piece of denim to use behind each hole, and proceeded to zigzag the dickens out of them. We'll have to see how long-term this fix is.

So, plans for November...get all the commissions finished and delivered; deliver the Veteran's charity quilt; put the binding on two quilts I've had waiting in the wings for months; continue to hand quilt Erin's Diamonds; get back to Lorraine and put on borders.

How's that for a start?

On the remodeling scene, the dining room is finished, and I have actually returned some things to their spots. However, DH has moved on to the front room, and all that furniture is now in the dining room; returning things to their proper places will be in limbo for awhile. That's okay, though, because I love the new wall color, and I even like the wood trim painted white. Initially, I wasn't totally on board with that, but I've come around - it looks good.

Hope your November is productive!
Happy Quilting, Friends!

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