Thursday, November 3, 2016

More Great Bargains

Rather than to go into the full-blown background on Terry's stash sale, just click this link back to the post I wrote in September. I made some purchases that first time around and shared those with you here at this link.

Terry did not clear out as much fabric as she had hoped she would, so she held a second sale about 2 weeks ago, and advertised it to a somewhat wider audience. In the intervening weeks, I'd made some mental notes about pieces I could look for to enhance a few projects I have ongoing. Here are my latest additions from Terry's generous sale.

Believe it or not, some of this has already been used. The navy stripe on top has been used for the borders of the Veteran's quilt I made for JoAnn's Florida guild. Click this link and scroll to the bottom to see the finished quilt top. It worked perfectly for the border. And I have just a bit left over to use for 2.5-inch squares or some future whim that strikes my fancy.

The bottom red fabric will enhance a quilt I worked on at the 2015 Canter's Cave retreat. It was a kit called 19th Century Reds, and I miscut some yardage. This will hopefully replace the boo-boo. It is a pretty big piece of fabric, so there is a good chance it will serve as backing, as well.

The navy blue piece - a very old Thimbleberries - will be used for a border on a UFO. Ages and ages ago (like late 1990s), I hand-pieced a whole bunch of scrappy navy and neutral churn dash blocks - or are they monkey wrench blocks? - I've used both names. After aging for 10 or 15 years, I sewed them into a quilt top, on point, which is currently enjoying a new aging process. I was lacking just the right navy for the border. Well, folks, we have a winner. I think I will select one of the neutrals for a narrow inner border, then add the wider navy outer border. Wonderful plan.

I bought one additional fabric that is not in this grouping for I'd already put it into the bin with the project it is going to enhance. It was a neutral stripe, and when I get around to working with it, I will be sure to let you know it came from Terry's.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. Beautiful fabrics and nothing like a good sale to reinforce the stash


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