Friday, November 4, 2016

Erin's Diamonds - Progress Update

Even though I have not blogged much about my continued hand quilting on Erin's Diamonds, I am continuing to make slow but steady progress. I've more accurately calculated that there are around 360 diamonds in this quilt plus all the half-diamonds that create the border. I estimate that I have quilted around 144 diamonds. I don't profess to be a mathematician, but that is getting pretty darn close to half, right?

This picture shows the antique frame in our dining area. The bay window affords me just enough space for the frame and still access the garage door on the opposite wall. The bay window also provides wonderful natural light for daytime stitching. I accomplish so much more when I quilt in the daytime, as opposed to the evening. I ought to fetch my Ott light from upstairs and use it in the evenings.

The photo above was take several days ago as I was just beginning to fill in that bit of purple. It is finished now, and Thursday evening I rolled the bars to a new section. I will set my chair on the left side - where the bright reds and oranges are - and work my way across.

This closer picture shows some progress on the purple. Actually, the rows on either side of the pastel purple were also only partial quilted. That 6-8" section across the quilt was just too far out of reach from either side of the frame.

If I could arrange to do 2 hours of quilting on this every day for a week, I think I could finish it. That is not very realistic, however, because this weekend we will be away from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon. Perhaps I can make up for those missed hours and still try to finish by next weekend. The painter - DH - is moving right along with his work in the front room and will soon be breathing down my neck to have access to this space! I must push myself to get it done!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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