Wednesday, November 30, 2016

O-H . . . I-O! Score!

I suppose most who read this blog know that I am in Ohio and in these parts we root for our Ohio State Buckeyes. For those who are not in the know about Ohio State, one of our favorite things to do is spell out O-H-I-O. Yeah, that's odd, but here's what makes it fun - let's say we are in a crowd on game day. A fan can holler out O-H! and sure enough one or 50 or 200 people around will respond with I-O! Tailgaters at the ball games will hear this for hours from every direction.

I have been on vacation in places far, far away, and if I see a tourist wearing an OSU t-shirt or hat, I can say to him/her "O-H" and I will get an "I-O" right back. Buckeyes have a huge fan base, and they are everywhere.

Well, I did not begin typing this post with the idea that I would be offering up a lesson in Buckeye-fandom. I guess you all need to be educated, though, even if you might root for some other team. *wink*

The reason I am on a Buckeye kick is this fantastic fabric I bought yesterday at JoAnn Fabrics in Chillicothe.

I needed to find a backing for the baby quilt I made earlier this month out of Ohio State fabric. I want to get started quilting it, so a backing had to be located. I wandered around and considered many options, but when I saw this flannel plaid, I knew I'd found the perfect backing for the quilt. A baby quilt with a flannel back is exactly the right way to go with this. And this particular fabric is a very soft flannel, not like some that are quite stiff.

Not only is flannel perfect for a baby quilt, a couple of other factors indicate that my choice is spot on. First, the price was right - and got better at the cash register. The sign said it was $8.99/yard. It ended up being on sale and I got it for $5.39/yard. SCORE!! The second SCORE! was discovering that it is 54" wide, not the typical 42" - more yardage for less money! I was really happy. I took the entire bolt of 5.3 yards and paid a whopping $29. Now that is a big win for this Buckeye!

Here's how nicely it goes with my fabric and the quilt top. Seeing this work out so well makes me very eager to get to stitching.

I have cut the backing for the quilt. Next up is to get into the batting. I will likely piece some bits together. I will straight-line machine quilt it on my little Bernina. I think this yet to-be-born Buckeye is gonna have a pretty awesome quilt.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. That was a real win-win! Lovely when all the elements of a quilt come together.☺

  2. We were rooting for your buckeyes all the way over here in New Jersey! lol! Of course, now that I know the "secret handshake", it will be all the more fun if I ever get to O-H...I-O! :-) Perfect fabrics for the baby blanket!


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