Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Two Clarifying Lists

I am a list maker, and yesterday I made two lists on a single sheet of paper that improved my mood in untold ways. It was quite a clarifying experience, actually. Getting so many of my random and scattered thoughts pulled together in one place and ordered effectively proved to be illuminating.

As I was finishing my morning coffee, I was reading some blogs that I check regularly and happened on one that dealt with time management. Always looking for helpful tips in this area, I clicked it and got as far as list making, which was item 5 on the 10-item list. (I couldn't even tell you what items 6-10 dealt with!) 

I grabbed the nearest pad I could locate and proceeded to jot down 2 lists. These random projects need my attention, but when I don't have a clear plan, I tend to spin my wheels. I never get anything accomplished when my thoughts are so scattered. The lists provide the focus that I so desperately need. I plan to tack this list up on the wall or bulletin board, add to it as needed, and refer to if frequently, checking off items as I go.

One side of the page was labeled UFO List. I have 19 items on the UFO list. Dang, I gotta get busy! And I am so very eager to do just that - get busy on finishing these! The sad fact of the matter is that if I thought about it a little harder, I could add another 5 or 6 or more to this list.

The one drawback of having so many items on a UFO list is finally deciding which one to work on first. I can be quite indecisive at times. This is where I hope the Frankfort girls will help out. We are tossing around ideas for next year - 2017!! - and repeating a UFO Challenge is something we are considering.

The list on the other side of the page is called New Ones to Start. Oh, how I love starting things!! It is what leads so naturally to a long UFO list, unfortunately, but starting new things - oh what delightfulness!

This second list is much, much shorter, and I suppose that is a very good thing. I will try to keep this reigned in as much as possible. I do always leave myself some wiggle room for things that just pop up - the rather impromptu activity that is always so much fun.

Last evening I finished the borders on the last t-shirt quilt; now all that is left is to prep the backing. I do have the batting ready to go, and it all should be in the hands of my quilter by week's end. Hooray!!

If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by the projects you've started as well as those you hope to start, try making a list. It sure has benefited me and my state of mind.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Do as Dave Ramsey advises when paying down loans. Start smallest to largest. That way you are more enthused when you get that one off the list and on to the next. Maybe work on the largest one in snatches as you work off the small ones? I love lists!!! I make, and break, them often. LOL

  2. In trying to respond to your comment, Chris, I find that you are a no-reply commenter, so I hope you eventually come back to see this.

    I really like your suggestion, and if the Frankfort girls don't do a 2017 UFO challenge, then your suggestion will be the one I go with. It makes such wonderful sense!

  3. I do this also Jayne if I am in a quandary as to what next. I do the littlest simplest job. At least 2 good things come of this: one, a sense of accomplishment-removing lots of little jobs really chops that list down; and 2 don't forget the learning curve. Sometimes big things are easier to accomplish when you have learned some good stuff from the little things. My husband is just the opposite from me: he does the big things first! Go Figure!


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