Sunday, November 13, 2016

Approaching the Home Stretch

The hand quilting on Erin's Diamonds continues and I have the sore, calloused fingertips to show it. Ouch! The left thumb is especially wounded. (As I am still working on the same section as a couple of days ago, several pictures in today's post are re-runs.)

I tried calculating how much is finished knowing that anytime I attempt mathematical information, my brain goes into immediate discombobulation. Given that, I do believe I have some reliable numbers.

 First, there are 20 rows of diamonds, plus partial diamonds (triangles) on each border. The photo above shows the diamonds in the order I sewed them together. The quilt is loaded into the frame in such a way that I have been quilting those diamonds from right to left. I have completely quilted 12 rows along with parts of the 13th row.That means everything to the right of the polka dot fabric is done, as is the row of dots and the one row to the left of the dots. The partially quilted row is second to the left of the dots. (Geesh. Can you follow all that??) The pictures below illustrate what I'm trying to explain.

The dot row is done, as is the one just under it (to the left). The partially quilted row is the next one to the left. Easily, I am beyond halfway and am moving along to being  more than 60% complete. Hooray!

I had hope that by day's end yesterday, I would be ready to roll the quilt to a new section, but I'm not quite there yet. Maybe I can make that happen today.

DH is still painting, and putting the finishing touches on the front room, the entry hall and stairway. That stairway was not in our original plan, but it flowed so into the entry that it just made sense. This has given me some extra time to quilt. Very soon - end of the week, maybe? - he will be entering the area that I need to be vacating. Oh, the pressure!

Hope you all have a productive week ahead. My week is quite full; some of the highlights are to get a couple of books read, grade some essays, a dental appointment, get my hair cut, and QUILT!! There are also some meetings in there, too.

I will be linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching, so be sure to take some time to see what other crafters are working on.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Beautiful. My sister wants to know if you need another daughter. She loves this quilt. lol

  2. BellĂ­simo! Me gustan mucho las telas y tus puntadas en el acolchado.

  3. Well done for being more than halfway finished. I love that colorful quilt.

  4. Gorgeous! And so exciting when it's time to roll the quilt and start on a new section!

  5. such a beautiful quilt. love your stitching. congrats on being over halfway done!


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