Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Up Next: Rows 13 Through 16

On Monday afternoon, I finally rolled the quilt to a new section. I am now attacking new rows, and am on my way toward the end. Have a look-see:

The polka-dot row is 11. That is my easiest reference point; since all the rest are floral, this one is the easiest to distinguish. So, rows 11 and 12 are quilted, and half of 13 is quilted. In this section, I will finish 13 and move through rows 14, 15, and most of 16. The next time I roll the quilt should have me at the border! Yee-haw!

As I said in the previous post about Erin's Diamonds - Sunday, I believe - I have a busy week this week, but I did get a little bit quilted Monday due to a late cancellation. Tuesday, nope. Today, probably not, or maybe late tonight, if then. For some reason, the Freshman Comp essays aren't grading themselves, so I really ought to work on those as opposed to the quilt. But you know which I'd prefer, right???

Tomorrow, I hope to bring you the report of the sewing we did on Veterans' Day. Stay tuned, won't you, for that!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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