Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Continuing to Quilt Diamonds

Today has been a rather quiet one here. Watching some of the Presidential election coverage and DH painting in the other room, I have taken this opportunity to get several hours of quilting in on Erin's Diamonds. The media pundits are beside themselves with trying to explain this new President-elect Trump.

I am still working on the midsection of the quilt. That polka-dot row is a good reference point for me; I consider that row to be the near-center of the quilt, and when it is completed I know I will have over halfway finished with the quilting.

Today's stitching has been enjoyable, as though the work is quite effortless. The thicker pearl cotton thread and big stitches make for quick work, quicker than if I were quilting in the more traditional fashion.

Low-key days are pretty darn nice, you know? Sometimes the hustle-bustle of running around, the appointments that must be kept, the duties that won't wait - the occasional slow day is welcome indeed.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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