Thursday, November 17, 2016

Veterans' Day Sewing

Sherrie's 14th annual sewing get-together on Veteran's Day was this past Friday, and even though our numbers were small, we who attended accomplished much. Let's get right into it and have a look-see.

Interestingly, two of our group were sewing garments, not quilts! I don't know what to make of it. Strangely coincidental, I guess.

Sherrie, our hostess, was making a doublet for her husband, who is a new member of a local Renaissance Music group. He needed a costume for the upcoming Christmas season. A doublet is a coat, so the picture on the right of the pattern is what she worked on.

There was lots of fussy stuff to be done. Can you say tedious?!?!

It is going to look mighty nice when finished, as Sherrie always does such impeccable work. I asked her to take a picture of Dave wearing his doublet. We need to see the fabulous finish, right?!

Kay, too, was garment sewing. She found a gorgeous piece of Kaffe fabric and decided it needed to be a tunic that she could wear over leggings.

Scrumptious fabric.
Simple (?) pattern.

Finished tunic, with many, many shortcuts.

Close-up of neckline.

Close-up of sleeve.
I put a question mark after simple (above), as the pattern appeared to be anything but simple! Kay had Susan (a Frienzie with no project, but was willing to be a helper) to assist her; the two of them went round and round about how to cut, to size, to alter, and so on. The pattern was more complicated than it needed to be - this was due largely to the many style options that the maker could choose. Together, they persevered, and I think Kay's new tunic looks fantastic.

The rest of us did have quilt projects to work on. First, Linda had a star quilt that needed borders attached. She'd made the center of this quilt earlier, and planned to finish it off while we were together.

The border absolutely brings this quilt to life, doesn't it? I mean, it was a good-looking quilt before, but the border does an excellent job of framing. I absolutely love it, and hope to get her pattern soon. She assures me she won't be making it again!

In addition to this border, Linda worked on a disappearing 9-patch quilt using a Layer Cake she'd purchased that featured a musical theme in black, white, gold and cream. It is a very classy-looking combination.

And just for the fun of it, Linda brought along a recently finished quilt top to show us. Oh, my gosh, it is gorgeous!!

Stunning, isn't it? Hey, Linda, I might need to borrow this pattern, too!!

Sharon P. brought her Shuttles to continue working on. Since we did not sew together earlier in the week, she had this chance to make up for lost time.

A pile o' Shuttles.
Stitching rows together.
The beginnings of a quilt top!
And finally, the project I worked on was a baby quilt for a little Buckeye boy to be born in January. I know for a fact that this young lad's father is a faithful OSU alum, and so I think the entire family will like this quilt.

I plan to quilt this one myself on the sewing machine, in a similar way that I did on Elisa's quilt this summer - straight vertical rows. I think it should go pretty fast.

And there you have it. Our day was fun and rewarding - not just in the work that we accomplished, but more so in the company we enjoyed.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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