Saturday, November 5, 2016

Show And Tell From Frankfort Girls

Today's post will truly be a feast for your eyes, dear readers. *smile*

Yesterday morning we met at Sharon O's for yummy muffins and coffee, and an added bonus was an impromptu quilt show from a few of the group! Wow! We have been industrious!

Our hostess Sharon showed us this crocheted rag rug that a friend of hers made. Sharon says it's too pretty to walk on so she has it in a spot where no one ever walks.

Terry has been ultra-busy, as the next few items come from her. Above, is a sewing room wall hanging that she was binding. Isn't this a perfect depiction of we quilters and our stashes?

Just in time for Thanksgiving, Terry has this pieced pilgrim wall hanging.

The quilt above is all Jo Morton - both the pattern and the fabrics. I was swooning over it; I just know I have to make one for myself.

This quilt should look familiar. Back in April at our Canter's Cave retreat, this is the quilt several of us made. It's called All In A Row by Kim Diehl. Terry's top is now completed, and beautifully so, I might add. Maybe in some future post I will pull together all our versions of this quilt and show them together. Stay tuned for that.

The quilt above has an interesting story. It's Terry's quilt, but Jan had significant input on it. Terry had the panels for each block which were originally black and white line drawings of fall scenes. After Jan saw them, she offered to color them. So she did! Yes, with regular ordinary crayons, Jan colored and blended quite beautifully every block. Click on the picture and zoom in. It is really rather remarkable. Jan said that after each block was colored, she sandwiched it between paper towels and pressed with a hot iron (NO MOVING OF IRON!). This removes the wax but leaves the color. Cool. And now Terry has a fall quilt top.

Now we will see some finishes from Sheryll. Above, is a little table-topper that will soon be embroidered in the white areas with Christmas-themed scenes or symbols. This is not the only one she's making; she had another with her, as well.

The way this presents itself is fascinating. I see the Monkey Wrench blocks, right off. Others see the "woven" look of the white backgrounds. Either way, it is a wonderful little scrappy quilt.

Yet another little quilt from Sheryll. So simple, yet so lovely. Again, I was swooning.

This sampler quilt is a guild project that Sheryll has completed. Each month members were given the pattern for a block. Members were encouraged to interpret the coloring or theme however they liked. This patriotic theme looks great. Sheryll did mention that one block dissatisfies her. Can you guess? The maple leaf in the lower right corner. She says she might pick it out and turn it so that it is standing up.

Show's over, Peeps! Isn't is great to sew with such a prolific group of quilters? I am a very fortunate gal, no doubt about it!

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. Jayne wondered if Sharon O's friend would share how she crocheted that rag rug (fabric width, etc.). I've been wanting to do one but don't like the holes some of the rag rugs have. This one looks very solid. Any help would greatly appreciated.


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