Sunday, January 15, 2017


Yours truly has reached a landmark - I have entered a new decade. Today I am 60 years old. I am doing better than I would have thought with this new set of numbers to deal with. Perhaps it is because I have had several celebrations in recent days. Here are some snapshots of the frivolity.

On Tuesday evening the Frienzies met at Lyn's for dinner. We had Italian potluck, so you see on the left some Zuppa Toscana and meatless lasagna. We also had some yummy appetizers, Italian sodas, 7-layer salad, bread and wine. All fantastic! On the right is my request for birthday cake - Boston Cream Pie. It was always my request growing up, and it'd been years since I'd had it. Still yummy!

On Friday night my kids arranged for us all to go out for dinner in Columbus. They made plans for us to go to a bar/cafe that Kevin and I used to go to as newlyweds - Planks Cafe on Parsons Avenue. Talk about a trip down memory lane. We had some great pizza there; the best part was having all the kids together with us.

Today we've been to Wilmington (Damon's for lunch) where we met all of my siblings (I am the oldest of 5) and our Mom. Spouses and a couple of children also attended. What a nice time; it was not crowded which allowed for us to linger and visit. Totally enjoyed it. My sister Sandy has a birthday on Tuesday, so we were both celebrating.

For me, the celebrating will end with my friends in the card group taking me out for Oriental food on Thursday evening. Whew! Lots of food means I'd better be getting my walking in! The weather is supposed to be warmer this week, so perhaps I will.

For sewing news, I delivered Erin's Diamonds on Friday when we went to Columbus. It looks fantastic on their king-size bed.

And I have finished all the stars necessary for Elizabeth. It has been a fun quilt to work on so far; next up is making 144 little HSTs for the Delectable Mountain blocks; we shall see if I'm still having fun after those are made! I have also been sharing pictures of Elizabeth on Instagram; several have asked about the fabrics I am using so I will do a post in the coming week that provides all the details about fabrics and such. 

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Congratulations on your 60th, youngster. :)

  2. A Very Happy Birthday Jayne!! How fun with all your celebrations. Extra special to get all your kids together at the same time.

  3. Happy birthday! I too am the oldest of 5. small world isnt it? I knew I liked you LOL sounds like you had a great day.

  4. Congratulations on finishing your hand quilting! It looks great!
    Thanks for linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching!

  5. Happy Birthday, Jayne. I hope you find 60 and beyond just as good as (and maybe better than) earlier years.


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