Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Elizabeth Reveal

Exciting stuff today, Peeps! Sunday evening late, I took the final stitches on Elizabeth. She is now a flimsy and has been enjoying several photo ops since her completion.

It's quite a satisfying finish, to be honest. This quilt is very, very fussy. While it only measures 81.5" square, it took 24 star blocks, 24 Delectable Mountains blocks, 24 triangle setting blocks and 12 4-patch filler blocks. It all required thinking, most assuredly. This was not one of those mindless projects that seem to just make themselves. It was work - but of the most rewarding kind. I love my results.

My idea was to have my four prettiest Delectable Mountains in the center of the quilt, so I made the two long diagonal rows first.

One benefit of doing this section first was that the most involved matching and pinning was taken care of from the get-go. Nice. For the rest of the quilt, I just used the random method of block placement, and if I were to criticize anything, it is that I could have taken more time to place blocks more pleasingly. But, I will not think about that. I will just enjoy the wonderful beauty of my newest flimsy.

Did I mention that the quilt required great care in construction? Here is a picture of the massive pinning I did to keep points matched, intersections crisp and everything even and in place. Whew. You can also see that I opted to press open all my seams. That took some time, as well, but I do believe the end result was all the better for it. I used a lot of spray starch along the way, too. *grin*

Above, Elizabeth is enjoying a rare sunny January morning on the front porch. Chilly, but sunny.

And she also looks quite fetching in the best reading corner of the house, above.
Isn't she wonderful?!!

So, Elizabeth is the first finish for 2017. It feels good to get the year off with such a strong, solid quilt in terms of construction. She's definitely sweet and feminine in her looks, isn't she?

If you want details on pattern and fabric, click back through the past week or two of posts. I've mentioned the details a few times.

I've linked up with Connie at Freemotion by the River. It's always fun to share and see what others are doing.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. A job well done! She is a beautiful quilt, worth all the effort you took.

  2. It is simply beautiful!!! Wait, nothing simple about it. It's stunning!!!!

  3. Elizabeth is fabulous! Love it.

  4. "Elizabeth" is an absolutely stunning quilt...just beautiful...if she is representative of your work in 2017 it's going to be a spectacular quilting year for you. Well done!


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