Monday, January 9, 2017

Recent Purchases

Just after Christmas I made a trip to Old Town Fabrics for some backing fabrics. These fine ladies always have new items going onto their sale/clearance tables, and with the amount of fabric I needed, I headed there first. Since I have trained myself to be less of a fabric purchaser and more of a stash reducer, I don't keep track of their clearance items like I should. I believe the yardage is reduced to $6/yard. If you buy very much fabric these days, you know this is a significant reduction.

My reason for shopping stemmed from this picture above. Remember just before Christmas when I shared the stack of red quilt tops here on the blog? I mentioned that maybe I ought to try getting a few of them finished. I reckon just this casual thought was all I needed to motivate me because now that is exactly my goal.

Do you like? I can't say whether it was the fabrics themselves or the fact that there was so much of each one, but whatever it was, these two came home with me. I bought all they had.

This piece is from Minick and Simpson's Grant Park fabric line. I have enough of it to do one quilt.

This piece is from Minick and Simpson's Crazy for Red fabric line. I can back two quilts from this as I got all 10 or 11 yards of it. Score!!

Hopefully, this new year will see me getting at least 3 of those red quilts finished up. I even have some battings stored away. All the parts are here; now I just need to do it.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. I love them both, specially the red.

  2. Don't you just love it when exactly the right fabric is on clearance and there is so much of it? Those were some great choices. I think they will be lovely with your quilt tops.


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