Saturday, January 28, 2017

Planning to Wrap Up January

Here we are near the end of a month of our new year already. As I look at what I have been doing in the sewing room, I can't be too disappointed in my productivity. I finished the January UFO way back on the 7th. I have cut out and sewn a great deal on Elizabeth. I have spent a few leisurely moments hand quilting on the paper-pieced UFO.

While these make me very pleased, I still have a few sizeable goals to meet before the 31st rolls around.

1. I plan to prep the backing for the quilt we are gifting to Eric and Lisa. If I can have this in the hands of my quilter by Tuesday, I will consider that a major plus. I should have already done this, but I've dawdled.

2. I plan to have all of Elizabeth pieced together in a flimsy. Click back to the last post to see all my efforts so far.

3. I plan to put the binding on the quilt Sharon and I made to give to Liz, a recent bride and daughter of a friend and former colleague. Remember that?? Liz got married in the summer; Sharon and I made the quilt at about the same time. Then with Terry's long-arm troubles and the Christmas deadlines, we told her to wait until after the holidays. So I have had it back from Terry for about 2 weeks and have yet to do little more than buy a binding for it. It would be so easy to finish before the end of the month. Again, I've dawdled. The pic below is of the flimsy. Like I said, I've done nothing since taking delivery of it - it's still wrapped up from the quilter.

Those are lofty goals for 4 days, don't you think?? And the bigger question: can I do it?

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. Yes, you CAN do it! You go girl! You accomplish things faster than most.


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