Saturday, January 7, 2017

Erin's Diamonds - Once More

Please indulge me while I post once more about my big finale of 2016. I'd been asked by my sister to share a picture of the back of Erin's Diamonds, and that gave me an opportunity to take a few more pictures - which I just knew you all would want to see. *wink-wink*

The quilt is so big I knew I wouldn't have a single piece of fabric for backing, so I dug out 3 florals which seemed to go well enough together. It certainly is a busy back, isn't it? But then so is the front, so it's all good, in my humble opinion. I like how the quilting stitches show up on the back fabrics. That is quite a satisfying sight to see actually.

Here are a few additional pictures of Erin's Diamonds. I may or may not be finished posting pictures of this quilt. It will go to Erin next weekend, and then she will have a chance to put it on her king-size bed. It may be necessary for her to send pictures, and then that will make it equally necessary to share them here, so you see I can't close the book on this quilt entirely. Not yet, anyway. *grin*

When I was folding it, I noticed how nice both ends looks folded in on top of the back, and I also like how the binding contrasts so well with the gold colored half-diamonds. Such a splash of happy colors!!!!

And then, after I'd folded it, I threw it on top of the quilt rack. This is quite a strong visual of the giant world of quilting - 30's prints, scrappy calicoes and vivid Kaffe Fassett florals. Traditional patterns and more modern ones. Hand piecing and machine piecing. Traditional hand quilting and big-stitch hand quilting.That's quite a microcosm of the quilting realm in just one picture.

One final detail I finished off yesterday while the Frankfort girls were here: I had about a dozen little spots on Erin's Diamonds that hadn't ever gotten quilted. Mostly these were places where it was hard to reach in the big quilting frame, or I ran out of thread before getting to the edge of the quilt. I'd marked these with little safety pins as shown in these two photos. (I added arrows to make them easy to see.) I searched all these safety pins out yesterday, and one by one finished off each bit; it now is officially completed.

Complete except for delivery. That is set to happen on Friday. Yay!

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Beautiful! You've inspired me to do the same stitching on a quilt I've made for myself. I've searched your links. What did you use to mark your stitching line?

  2. Vicki, you are a no-reply commenter, so I couldn't send you an email. In answer to your question, I do not mark my quilting lines for this kind of quilting. I just "eyeball" it and try to stay reasonably straight. It's not perfect, but I'm satisfied. Overall, the look is pleasing. Hope this answers your question.


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