Friday, January 27, 2017

Progress on Elizabeth

Yes, I have progressed. Surprisingly - to me, anyway - I have stayed right with this quilt and am now to the stage where I begin putting the top together. All the "parts" are constructed - hooray! I will lay these parts out on the bed to arrange them in a pleasing way. Really, it can mostly be random, but those 4 Delectable Mountains in the center should be the prettiest of all, so I will audition my options and go from there.

These 8 FQs of pink and 6 FQs of neutral were the last bits to be constructed. They were also pretty easy. In addition to being the main part of the Delectable Mountains, these become the setting 4-patch blocks and the side and corner triangles. Very pretty in the randomness of it all. It will be fun putting the pieces in place.

All 24 Delectable Mountains blocks are ready to go. The way the blocks are laid out will turn those dark points into a wonderful interior border around the entire quilt. pretty. I love the softness of the fabrics and I love the way the blue, brown and red "pop." The individual fabrics are identified in this post, in case you wondered.

Elizabeth parts are stacked up and ready for action! It may happen this weekend; or I could save it for taking with me Tuesday when a bunch of us are sewing at Terry's. Yet to be determined.

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Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Oh the parts are beautiful! Can't wait to see it complete!

  2. Jayne, your quilt parts are just beautiful, it is going to be an amazing quilt.

  3. Your progress havs been steady, and I've enjoyed seeing it come together. It is on my Must Make List! Yours is beautiful, and inspiring. Think I need to fabric shop!

  4. Such pretty colours in your blocks, it's going to come together wonderfully, I'm sure.


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