Friday, January 13, 2017

Elizabeth - Making Stars

When Sharon was here Tuesday, we decided on our fabrics, and I began cutting for Elizabeth, one of the big goals for 2017. Sharon had to finish binding a quilt, so she has yet to cut, but that will be forthcoming.

I am making stars now, and gosh they are fast and easy. Instead of making all the star points first, which is what the marking is for in the photo above, I jumped ahead a few steps just because I wanted to see a few stars in their finished state. Oh gosh! I love them! I started off with just these two, then I had to stop for groceries and dinner preparation - geesh!

Today, I've gotten back to them and now I have 5. For the remaining 19, I will make them the way she instructs us to - make all the flying geese units, then build the stars. Sometimes I just have to peek ahead. This may be the equivalent of looking at the last chapter when reading a book - which I never do! 

These are fun to do, and I hope the weekend allows me time to get the remainder done.

Happy Quilting, Friends!


  1. Beautiful star blocks! Just lovely. Fun to be making a quilt with a friend.

  2. Wonderful fabric selections! This is sure to be a BEAUTIFUL quilt


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