Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Hillsboro Quilt Show

Over the weekend, nearby Hillsboro (my home town) had a quilt show sponsored by the local guild. I didn't even know about it until the last minute, and found a bit of time available on Saturday to go have a look-see.

I was majorly (is that an actual word?) disappointed to be prohibited from taking pictures. The guild offered a CD with all the quilts pictured on it for minimal cost - I think $5 or $10 - but, gee whiz, I want to take pics of the ones I most admire and skip the rest. Oh well, I can't have my way all the time, I suppose.

I did see some quilts that were familiar to me, though, and I can pull one of them up from my files to share.

My cousin Marilyn entered her gorgeous applique quilt which I'd seen in April at her local quilt show in Peebles. This quilt continues to leave me in awe of the workmanship; it's just gorgeous from the careful applique to the fantastic custom quilting. It actually won first place in the machine quilting category of the Hillsboro show. Here's the link to the post about the Peebles show.

Not only did I see Marilyn's quilt, I also got to see Marilyn! She was there along with some of her quilting buddies. One of them also won in the small quilt category, so the Adams County group did well in neighboring Highland County.

The other exciting thing to happen from this quilt show is meeting pattern designer and EPP queen, Annette Williams. I stopped by the vendors (of course) and noticed that one particular shop was promoting her patterns. I asked the gentleman in charge some questions about his shop, and went on my merry way. I later came back and asked him if he was affiliated with Annette. Ha! I think he was her husband! He pointed behind me, and there was Annette in person! Wow. What a delight. They have an on-line business out of their home in Jeffersonville, OH, which is just a half hour from me. I had a wonderful chat with her and made a small purchase.

She was gracious enough to pose for a picture in front of a couple of her quilts. She had a little station set up in the booth where she demonstrated her techniques for appliqueing; these were fascinating. I look forward to seeing her again in a couple of weeks at the Circleville show sponsored by Good Time Quilters.

Later on Saturday, while browsing Facebook, I saw that a high school classmate had tagged me. Imagine my surprise when I saw the photo above. Talk about a small world - get this - the woman pictured is Helen Sprinkle, Kathy's 99-year-old mother, with a quilt I definitely remember noticing at the quilt show; it had been voted the People's Choice Award! Here's what Kathy tells me about her mother, "She did those quilts almost 10 years ago...she is so very proud of getting that award." Aww, so sweet! In Kathy's FB post, I learned that Mrs.Sprinkle is no longer quilting, but when she was, she hand-quilted all her quilts. Isn't this great!? And, like so many, Kathy says that she never realized that quilting has been such a fulfilling pastime for her mother. I suspect that many could make that same statement.

Here in my quilting room, I am very nearly finished with the first of two t-shirt quilts I agreed to make and should have a finish to show you tomorrow.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. Not cool, wanting people to buy the DVD so much they refused picture-taking. I like to photograph mainly just my favorites.


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