Friday, September 29, 2023

Frienzies Making Magic

We made some magic and had a magical day doing it. We'd been scheduled to meet this month at my house, and when we learned that a wedding would be in our futures, we turned our get-together into a quilt-making session for bride-to-be Kenly.

Mother-of-the-bride Susan with Sherrie who kept us organized.

Lots of pics were taken, and certainly there's no need for me to include a bunch of words. You all know the drill - we eat, we sew, we visit, we laugh, we press and rip, we lay blocks out on the floor. All good! Here's a few glimpses of the fun.

Four of us sewed blocks - Sherrie, Sharon, Pam and myself. Hettie, Lyn and Susan did the pressing and any necessary seam-ripping (and yes, there was a bit). Lyn says she came for "comic relief," and we all need that, too! We had an honorary Frienzie joining us as Hettie brought her out-of-town friend Abby. It just so happens that Abby is a quilter, and honestly, she fit right in. 

Here are a few shots of the nearly-finished quilt - it is monochromatic - very light in the middle with gradually darker fabrics moving top or bottom.

All the diagonal rows are sewn together and those are here with me to sew into the final quilt top. Then it will need to be trimmed. The final quilt will be king-size, so yes, this took up most of the middle of the front room rug. Look at how everyone is studying intently to make sure we have all the blocks correctly placed. It was tricky, for sure. 

What a great group - eight women who taught together at CHS for years and as we retired, we felt we needed a way to stay connected. We have met monthly as "The Frienzies" for over 20 years or more. We sure miss Kay who now resides elsewhere, but the seven who are still local make the effort to remain in touch. And we do make frequent trips to connect with Kay over in the Dayton area.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday! We had the most incredibly dense fog this morning! Finally now the sun is shining and blue skies are peeking through.

Happy Quilting, Friends!

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