Sunday, October 1, 2023

Hello October!

Well, we blinked our eyes and now it's October! Gosh, how is that possible!?

We had a fun and productive September, and just like the leaves that are accumulating around the yard, my mind is swirling with projects and plans for October. I will share the September collage tomorrow, and then soon I will also share some of those ideas for future projects.

Today, though, since it's Slow Sunday Stitching day, I will take a deep breath and work on some binding. I quilted two quilts this week (!) and now have plenty of stitching to do whenever I feel like taking a breather, or when we watch television.

Both quilts have the binding stitched on and are ready for tacking down. The one with the blue border is the larger of the two; I am currently stitching the smaller jelly roll quilt with the tan border.

This is a new experience for me as a quilter. One of several, actually. Quilting two quilts in one week is rare; having bindings ready to go for both quilts is rare. I like having the next step ready to go; preparing binding is one of those tasks that I am likely to procrastinate about. Perhaps a new leaf has turned!

I made this quilt in conjunction with Sew a Jelly Roll Day back in the middle of September. In a matter of two weeks, it is now (nearly) finished. Another relatively rare occurrence - finishing a quilt promptly. I'm surprising myself every which way, aren't I?

I will link with the fine seamstresses over at Kathy's Quilts and her weekly slow stitching party. The ladies always keep me motivated to continue stitching. Take a peek at some of those projects and perhaps you will be motivated, too.

Happy October! And Happy Quilting, Friends!

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  1. It really is a good idea to get the binding all prepared early, then it's all ready to apply at the right time!


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